First Aid Kit

If your dog is badly hurt in your home or while out and about with you, you should know how to administer first aid until you can reach a veterinarian. A first aid kit tailored to your dog’s needs can truly be a lifesaver. If you you’re your dog on frequent outings far from home, you would be wise to keep a second first aid kit handy in your car.

A first aid kit for a dog contains many of the same items it would for a human.
Roll of absorbent cotton and some cotton balls, gauze pads and tape
Pair of small scissors with rounded tips
Instant ice pack
Hydrogen peroxide
Bulb syringe for suctioning mucous from mouth or nose
Sterile eyewash solution made specifically for pets
Clean, white cotton sock (to cover wounded paws)
Small flashlight
Rectal thermometer
Injection syringe without the needle (to give liquid medication)
Unflavored electrolyte liquid (like Pedialyte).

Keep everything in a sturdy plastic container with a secure lid. Write your veterinarian’s name and phone number on the lid, as well as that of the closest emergency pet hospital. If you travel often and leave your dog with another person, put several copies of a signed release form in the first aid kit authorizing the caregiver to approve necessary treatment.

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