Regular Grooming

Why dogs need Regular Grooming

  • If you have a groomable breed (Poodle, Bichon Frise’, Cocker, etc.) the grooming should be a regular routine so the dog gets accustomed to this type of handling. If the dog is not used to his grooming, the time spent can be very traumatic.
  • Regular grooming helps keep the hair from becoming matted, removes dead skin cells and excess hair. Your pet is clean and pleasant smelling making him more comfortable and more huggable.
  • Regular grooming can stop problems before they start. For example: keeping nails neatly trimmed helps prevent foot related problems and keeps you from being scratched.
  • When grooming your dog, the stylist goes over every inch of his body several times. Often a groomer can spot a problem such as a tumor, swollen lymph nodes, ear infections, cuts or parasites that you may have overlooked, alerting you to see your veterinarian early.
  • A routine visit to the grooming salon helps socialize your dog by exposing him to new people, sounds, smells and other dogs.

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